VCC gave me hope and faith… all feels taken away

I may not be supported by the Veterans after all….after 34 years of service for DND and they seem to stand to say that my chronic medical condition that the Public service kicked me out for wasn’t cause because of the service….they very may put me on the streets……


Such unknowns at this point of my life…..

I’m leaving the title as is because it fils.

Today, I find myself at a crossroad that I’ve been sitting on since November 2016.

Yes, in so many ways than one but let’s starts with the obvious, my N.O.W.

I have been diagnosted officially last June 13th 2017 that I am no longer capable to hold any renumerable work for

Diagnosis: General anxiety and dépression.

By the same token as you can figure, time was doing it’s thing on my strength of the isolation in dealing with so many huge hurdle at the same time.

I got out of the closet, I went to Vétérans Affairs and still  am waiting for the approval. Very hopefull but yet anxious for that moment to arrive.

So here I am waiting, yes waiting some more, I’m grateful for my Health condition  still in  rémission. Cluster Headaches since I was 20 years old.

yesterday was 34 years I had been dropped off at 17 yo too boot camp.

today, have no revenu since May and I’m paralysed by time………..and money…………..

Have Faith that it Will move………….thank you for your support God throught Jesus and the Archangels and Angels helping me….